News Whore with Mandy Stadtmiller


Mandy and Graham go to a fancy hotel to have a borderline absurd conversation with "Duke porn star" and fascinating feminist Belle Knox. So basically the episode that best goes with our podcast's name?

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Mandy and Graham chat with Sam Roberts about Opie and Anthony, his not-staged iPhone 5 humiliation videos, and how to force your way into your dreams.

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Mandy and Graham talk with Jon Friedman about love & loss, featuring a B plot wherein Mandy asks permission to make everything about her.

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Mandy and Graham chat with Eric Danville, author of The Complete Linda Lovelace, memorabilia fiend, and self-professed (and independently-confirmed) nicest guy in porn.

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Mandy chats with Maya Francis, badass MF of two varietals and perhaps the most inner of Mandy's cyclical friend guests.

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Mandy chats with Jay Louis, the founder of Hot Chicks with Douchebags, a cultural phenomenon that is difficult to confine to a single medium.

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Liam McEneaney chit-chats and discusses topics with Mandy and Graham about his latest album Comedian, the travails of a professional New York comic, and edit points. Oh, such edit points.

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Mandy and Graham chat at length with Lily Burana, author of "Strip City" and "I Love a Man in Uniform," former punk rocker, and all around awesome lady. All thanks to Graham's mom.

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Mandy and Graham have an animated, delightful conversation with Marianne Garvey, gossip editor at the NY Daily News, about what passes for news, gossip, and reality in this fair city.

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Mandy chats with Gary Gulman, hilarious and incredibly forthright comedian, who thinks Graham is just some rando who showed up for the same taping until AFTER Graham screwed up the recorder situation (Mandy saved the day with her iPhone backup).

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