News Whore with Mandy Stadtmiller

Mandy chats with head Fallon monologue writer Jon Rineman about how to keep Jimmy peppy, how to make it in the joke-writing biz, and the impending changes with the move to 11:30.

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Mandy and Graham chat with badass theoretical lesbian and Chelsea Lately regular Annie Lederman in the green room before her Gotham gig. It gets severely real.

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Mandy, Graham, and CMO Rajasri hang with trivia/nerd whiz J. Keith van Straaten, shortly before J. Keith beats the crap out of Graham for calling him a "nerd whiz" (Graham prefers to believe it was because of his superiority at knowing trivia facts).

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On a rainy Friday night, Mandy, Graham, and Rajasri descend on legendary author and litigator Elizabeth Wurtzel for a Billy Joel-themed chatdown. You should really listen to the whole thing.

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Mandy chats with super relatable yet famous comedian Kyle Kinane somewhere on Long Island because Graham YET AGAIN was too SELF-INVOLVED to NURTURE THE BRAND. Luckily, the brand still rules. Phew.

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Mandy chats with legend Artie Lange about his new book "Crash and Burn" while Graham sits at home glumly wishing he were there.

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Benari Poulten aka "G.I. Jew" takes a break from valiantly and single-handedly defending our great nation from the vituperative attacks of the media's corporate agendas to listen to Graham and Mandy argue about catfish and drugs.

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Mandy chats with porn legend Seka about her illustrious career and the intersections of sex and comedy - basically core News Whore stuff.

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Mandy and Graham chat with Charlie Todd, founder of Improv Everywhere and comedic prankster, of whom Graham asks his most ridiculous Joseph Beuys-related question yet.

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Kelly Shibari, inventor of the Chunklet category of petite BBW erotica/porn sex, sits in the sweet restauarant at Headquarters to talk about choices, squirting, coming to porn at a non-traditional age, and is just super chill.

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Mandy and Graham chat sex, crimes, especially heinous things, Weiner, showrunning, and everything that is awesome with Warren Leight, the showrunner for SVU and a super smart and funny dude.

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Mandy and Graham chat with legendary comedian Eddie Brill about living healthy, Letterman, and going buckwild in general.

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Mandy and Graham talk catfishin', Taryn Manning, and the woes of life in a frank and frankly amazing sit-down with Stephen Falk, a writer and producer for "Weeds" and "Orange is the New Black."

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Graham messes up. Bad. He ran out of space on the SD card. Ben chastises him. Mandy does the same. They chat about red carpets, gossip culture, all kinds of strange sex stuff, and it rules. Amen.

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Mandy and Graham chat with comedian H. Alan Scott about life in LA, and how to tender mix comedy and pain without disserving either.

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Mandy and Graham chat excitedly with Owen Benjamin about Sullivan and Son, Staten Island, and Owen's dick. It really is largely about his dick in retrospect.

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Mandy and Graham meet in Sara Schaefer's downtown office to chat New York comedy, Viacomedy, and squirting.

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Mandy and Graham meet porn legend Lisa Ann upstairs at Headquarters in NYC to chat Palin, porn, and professionalism over penne and pops. Perfection.

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Mandy talks glitz, gossip, and followship with Erin Carlson of the Hollywood Reporter, and Graham fails hard with at least one zinger.

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Mandy and Graham chat with legendary comedy guru, co-conspirator, and all around amazing lady Bonnie McFarlane about comedy, life, and married comedy life.

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Taylor Negron sits with Mandy and Graham to discuss wilding out with Robin Williams and Harry Nilsson, hoarders, and the importance of good taste.

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Funny songstress Jessica Delfino chats with Mandy and Graham about humor, melody, the intersection of the two, "Weird" Al, and her collection of prize cocks.

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Mandy and Graham chat with writer/author/awesome person Sara Benincasa about agoraphobia, YA fiction, and everything in between.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm star Wayne Federman talks about behind-the-scenes of Larry David's show and being asked to audition to replace Gilbert Gottfried as the Aflac duck.

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Legendary comedian Colin Quinn joins Mandy and Graham for the inaugural episode of 'News Whore.

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