News Whore with Mandy Stadtmiller

Graham messes up. Bad. He ran out of space on the SD card. Ben chastises him. Mandy does the same. They chat about red carpets, gossip culture, all kinds of strange sex stuff, and it rules. Amen.

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Mandy and Graham chat with comedian H. Alan Scott about life in LA, and how to tender mix comedy and pain without disserving either.

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Mandy and Graham chat excitedly with Owen Benjamin about Sullivan and Son, Staten Island, and Owen's dick. It really is largely about his dick in retrospect.

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Mandy and Graham meet in Sara Schaefer's downtown office to chat New York comedy, Viacomedy, and squirting.

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Mandy and Graham meet porn legend Lisa Ann upstairs at Headquarters in NYC to chat Palin, porn, and professionalism over penne and pops. Perfection.

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