News Whore with Mandy Stadtmiller

Mandy chats with head Fallon monologue writer Jon Rineman about how to keep Jimmy peppy, how to make it in the joke-writing biz, and the impending changes with the move to 11:30.

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Mandy and Graham chat with badass theoretical lesbian and Chelsea Lately regular Annie Lederman in the green room before her Gotham gig. It gets severely real.

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Mandy, Graham, and CMO Rajasri hang with trivia/nerd whiz J. Keith van Straaten, shortly before J. Keith beats the crap out of Graham for calling him a "nerd whiz" (Graham prefers to believe it was because of his superiority at knowing trivia facts).

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On a rainy Friday night, Mandy, Graham, and Rajasri descend on legendary author and litigator Elizabeth Wurtzel for a Billy Joel-themed chatdown. You should really listen to the whole thing.

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Mandy chats with super relatable yet famous comedian Kyle Kinane somewhere on Long Island because Graham YET AGAIN was too SELF-INVOLVED to NURTURE THE BRAND. Luckily, the brand still rules. Phew.

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