News Whore with Mandy Stadtmiller

Mandy and Graham have an animated, delightful conversation with Marianne Garvey, gossip editor at the NY Daily News, about what passes for news, gossip, and reality in this fair city.

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Mandy chats with Gary Gulman, hilarious and incredibly forthright comedian, who thinks Graham is just some rando who showed up for the same taping until AFTER Graham screwed up the recorder situation (Mandy saved the day with her iPhone backup).

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Mandy repeatedly silences Graham as they are both excited to chat with Michael Che, who was up until quite recently the only black writer on the SNL staff. We discuss Nicki Minaj, Black Twitter, and of course, Coach (TV series).

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Mandy, Graham and Rajasri take the show back to its roots (Mandy's apartment) with superskinny and incredibly famous comedian, musician, and creator Fred Armisen. Do you think Portlandia makes fun of things? Listen to find out how you are wrong.

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